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MoonJune Records announces an exciting new release

DEWA BUDJANA (from Indonesia) – Dawai In Paradise

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Dear MoonJune Friends
let me introduce to a very dear friend for many years, the native Balinese, and Jakarta (Indonesia) based DEWA BUDJANA. Dewa has established a solid body of work as a jazz artist on numerous solo albums (featuring a who’s who list of current Indonesian and American jazz luminaries), while also being the lead guitarist and songwriter of the Indonesian nationally-celebrated pop/rock band, Gigi ( one of the greatest and biggest mainstream rock bands ever in Indonesia, 20+ albums since 1994 and millions of records sold.) His fluidity and grace in both rock and jazz idioms has firmly established his position among the very elite guitarists in the world, as well, perhaps, as Indonesia’s most well-known and highly-regarded guitarist ever. MoonJune is releasing in the next 12 months 3 Dewa’s album. After Dawai In Paradise, the next Dewa Budjana‘s international release on MoonJune will be in the Fall, with the album Journey, recorded last year in Los Angeles in company of first class jazz legends such asLarry GoldingsBob MintzerJimmy Johnson and Peter Erskine, and in January 2014, MoonJune is releasing recordings made in late January also in Los Angeles, with Jimmy Johnson and Vinnie Colaiuta.
(click here –>) Bali is a very special place for me, a very magic place, which I have visited 7 times during my 14 visits to Indonesia, one of my favorite countries in the world. And it is a special honor and privilege for me to have one of the best known sons of Bali – Dewa Budjana.

Please welcome to (click here ––>) Dawai In Paradise

°° If You live outside of the USA and ordering more than 3 cds, please contact me directly for a better shipping rate. International US Post rates have increased 56% on January 27, but I will be more than happy and willing to give You the best deal possible if Your international order contains more than 3 cds. We are working on upgrading and simplifying all shipping and handling matters in next few weeks. MoonJune Records always offers the most affordable prices possible.


Dewa Budjana‘s fifth solo album, Dawai In Paradise, explores his vast, diverse array of guitar stylings in a host of fresh, powerful, intriguing musical settings. A showcase of astounding, brilliant music is performed by a host of great musicians – including Grammy-winning artists drummer Peter Erskine (Weather Report; Steps Ahead) and multi-instrumentalistHoward Levy (Bela Fleck & The Flectones), the renowned Indonesian jazz keyboardist and producer, Indra Lesmana, celebrated pianistAde Irawan, one of the most talented Indonesian jazz drummers Sandy Winarta, and the late legendary jazz bassist, Dave Carpenter – with proceedings decorated beautifully by theBali native’s masterful strokes and deft touch.

Ranging from the bold and adventurous to the gracefully elegant, Dewa Budjana‘s playing bounces from the frantic urgency of a Fripp or McLaughlin to the organic intimacy of a Metheny or Towner with equal ease and fluidity. Previously unexplored waters are navigated with an adroit leisure, as his bountiful skills as both a composer and improviser are clearly on display. His international debut is chocked full of surprises, and it’s elegance and repose belies the enormity of the album’s ambition. This is progressive jazz and world music of the absolute highest order, and a “coming out party” for one of its best-kept secrets.

Dawai In Paradise is a celebration of life through music. Like the paradise of Dewa‘s native Bali, its beauty is equally compelling and awe-inspiring. It is a fitting — and long-overdue! — introduction to progressive music’s world stage, for a guitarist whose style and artistry knows no bounds.

This is a soaring, majestic album, and an “instant essential” for all fans of world music, progressive jazz, and prolific, master-class guitar.

Check few videos of Dewa Budjana’s band performing live


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