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Dear Friends in Music,
An exciting new release is out now:

(click here ==>) DUSAN JEVTOVIC “Am I Walking Wrong?

MoonJune specializes in discovering extraordinary new axemen from around the globe, previously unknown to wider jazz-rock-fusion and progressive music audiences. After Michel Delville from Belgium, TohpatiReza Ryan and Agam Hamzah from Indonesia, Nelson Coelho from Brazil, Dani Rabin from Israel, and after re-proposing to the progressive music world few fantastic guitar veterans such as Dewa Budjana from Indonesia, Dennis Rea and Barry Cleveland from the USA, andBeledo (soon on MoonJune) from Uruguay, – now I am going after my ex-Yugoslavia roots (I was born in Bosnia, of Montenegrin and Croatian ethnic background), to proudly launch the Serbian born and Barcelona based guitarist of extraordinary qualities, Dusan Jevtovic.
Dusan’s spectacular international debut “Am I Walking Wrong?, is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride: full of twists and turns that you never see coming. His second solo album, and MoonJune’s debut, showcases moments of immense raw, explosive power, interspersed with swatches of playful dissonance, contemplative ambiance, riveting r’n’b-tinged grooves, authoritative rock vamps, and more. The tight, abundantly-capable trio rip through an engaging set of original barn-burners that are as catchy and accessible as they are spellbinding and unpredictable. Featuring Bernat Hernández from Barcelona on fretless bass (who will be ‘siding’ with another upcoming MoonJunista Xavi Reija in 2014 , and another Serbian, based in New York City, the drummer extraordinaire Marko Djordjevic (who is joining the MoonJune’s roster in 2014 with his solo projects and few side projects).
Yours in Music

(click here ==>) DUSAN JEVTOVIC “Am I Walking Wrong?

Dušan Jevtović is pronounced DOO-SHAN YEH-FTO-VICH

You can stream the whole album on MoonJune’s BandCamp, click ==> here.
Dusan’s website:
Dusan’s Facebook:


Little intro featuring excerpts from the opening track on the album “YouCan’t Sing, You Can’t Dance” and the full track “In The Last Moment II“.

If You are in NYC on October 17, please check MARKO DJORDJEVIC, the drummer on Dusan Jevtovic‘s album, playing in 3 different projects in one night. Or You can enjoy this event via live webcast available via

For more info, click this poster below.

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