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After so many requests I went and got physical copies of the EP printed! If you want one head on over to here!
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After such high demand to get a physical copy I had to go and get a batch printed!
As well as the CD that’s now available, you can also order the T-Shirt as well as the limited print photographs (numbered and signed).
If you want the posters signed personally to someone please add it into the order notes.
Thank you for all the support everyone!
Love to you all!
Yes! It’s out!
I’m so excited to be sharing this music with all of you. I’m stoked I found the tracks and managed to put fresh life into them too.
It really was an incredible time recording this album back in 2014! While some of the tracks became the RavenEye EP, these ones missed their chance for a proper release.
I remixed the record here in my studio and put fresh new vocals on to match where I am now so it’s got a bit of old and new.
So I’m stoked to be releasing them here now and also so happy to be sharing my mixing work!
I hope you all enjoy!
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