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Hi everyone. It’s been an exciting week so far! No More Hell To Pay debuted on multiple Billboard charts, including #2 on the Contemporary Christian chart, and #33 on the Top 200 chart – which is amazing in that To Hell With The Devil’s highest peak was only #32. God is doing amazing things!

How did you first hear about Stryper? For a lot of you the answer to that question is; I first heard about Stryper from a friend. I’ve heard story after story about how a friend turned on another friend to Stryper and that’s how they became a fan.

God is working miracles with this album, just like He has with some of our chart-topping albums in the 80’s. And just like back then, we need help spreading the word to friends.

For 77 hours only we are selling this CD to the fans for $7.77.

Below is the information on it. This price is the lowest on the internet and is only available through because we know – you know – what great things God can do when His people are called to action. When we join together, we can spread God’s word in a huge way.

Please take this opportunity to share God’s message by giving this CD to a co-worker or friend, just like someone probably told you about us at some point.

We don’t get a lot of radio airplay. And we’re not on every late night talk show. Therefore we need your help in a word-of-mouth fashion spreading God’s message to your friends.

I hope you’ll join us in this unique time. It’s time to spread His message like we’ve never done before and we thank you for your continued prayers and support. We love you all and can’t thank you enough for standing behind us all these years. We are very blessed to have the best fans in the world.

God Bless You,


PS – For all you long time fans, you know we love color vinyl. While you’re at STRYPER.COM take a look at NMHTP on vinyl.

STRYPER 2013 ARTWORK - small

Buy No More Hell To Pay for a friend or co-worker (or 10 friends or co-workers)!

No More Hell To Pay CD: Only $7.77.

Limited time: 77 hours – Thursday, November 14 (10am EST) until Sunday, November 17 (3pm EST)

Limited to 10 CDs per person.


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