The Celebration of Lindsey’s Life

The Celebration of Lindsey’s Life













And Heres a wonderful Update on The Celebration of Lindsey’s Life and To Her Cause of Kindness To #payitforwardlvz ! ❤ Keep it Up Every One.

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Pay it Forward for Lindsay Michelle Day 2 was a success! 🐾 A huge thank you to Lindsay’s Father Johnny for joining us today to share Lindsay’s love for animals by giving a donation of goodies, toys, collars and their favorite yummy spray cheese to Clay County Animal Services. We also had the honor of giving a financial donation to Friends of Clay County Animals to support the amazing work they do. It was a wonderful day of supporting our little furry angels who add so much love to our lives.
Friends of Clay County Animals, Inc.
Clay County Animal Services
Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Fleming Island

#payitforwardlvz #homegrownkindnessproject


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