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The Newzik Team

Dear Newzician,

A few months ago we started a new article series on the Newzik blog called Composer of the Month. Each month, we explore the life of famous composer and give you free sheet music of some of their most iconic pieces for your Newzik library.

The third episode of Composer of the Month has just been published! This month, we discuss the music of one of the most famous composers and pianists of the romantic era: Felix Mendelssohn.

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The article contains a lot of free sheet music from Mendelssohn for various instruments, including a full string arrangement of the famous Violin Concerto in E minor or the piano part of Lieder Ohne Worte (Op.19 No.6) with a bonus MIDI accompaniment!
If you are already a Newzik subscriber, you can directly download the Setlist we prepared for you which contains all the scores presented in this article, by clicking on the link below:

👉 Download the Setlist (Premium users only)

However if you are not a subscriber yet, do not download the entire Setlist and instead choose the pieces you want from the article: the setlist contains many files so you might reach the 15-import limit of your free account.

Subscribe to Newzik today for unlimited import!

We hope you will have a great time practicing these tunes!

As always, if you have any question or suggestion, don’t hesitate to reply to this email: the Newzik team will be happy to answer.

By the way, in case you missed the previous two episodes of this series, you can read them here:

Composer of the Month #1: Francisco Tárrega
Composer of the Month #2: Wolfgang A. Mozart

Thank you for using Newzik,

The Newzik Team

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