Antoine Fafard avec Gary Husband à Eastcote Studios.

Here’s an excerpt from the documentary on the making of ‘Sphère’. This clip recorded at Eastcote Studios in London features Gary Husband Keyboards & Drums kicking some butt on a piece called ‘No-Brainer’. Gary also performed the keyboard solo while Jerry De Villiers Jr is on lead guitar…

You can watch the full documentary at

You can order a limited edition of the album with 3 bonus tracks

Gary Husband
14 juillet, 20:46
Another new piece up at my YouTube channel today. Many have liked my demo of “Guardians” over the years, and since it is a demo and not an album track I decided to post it. I hope you enjoy this; the world’s most unlikely drums solo feature!
Gary Husband – “Guardians” (Gary Husband) – London, 1993. (Demo)

This demo many have liked, so I thought to upload. It was never an album track but it was an idea fo…


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