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“Lonely Tear by Bantunani, the soul temptation, new videoclip / La tentation soul “
“the intense groove with a powerful and electric sound -Art Music”
(English – French)


In these uncertain times, Bantunani’s new electropop single screams and whispers :”We must still love” / En ces temps temps incertains, le nouveau electro-pop single de Bantunani hurle et murmure “Il faut encore aimer”


 With a very moving soul lyricism, the artist reconnects with the simple beauty of love song. This raw emotion is reflected in the music: “Lonely Tear” puts acoustic and live music back at the heart of the composition, in a very electro style. soul between Stax and Motown while taking care of a retro aesthetic at the gates of rock, pop and soul. The guitars cry with the artist in a poignant beat.



“Lonely Tear” or the tears of a soul which, in an intimate camera, bares pain and tears the heart. Unexpected accents of sincerity and a grain of voice that feels all the wound of the love wound, Bantunani delivers us a deep confession tinged with loneliness. It is an almost abandoned singer, “confined” that the clip shows us, reduced to recreating at home the fires of the stage thanks to an illuminated microphone and a useless guitar, but the distraught gaze and the naked torso betray a moment of delusion and pain.


Even the choristers that we see seem more imagined than real, a metaphor for the artist’s isolation in the deafening silence to which he is forced. .
Resulting from the collaboration with James Auwarter, sound engineer at the three Grammy Awards of Kanye West, this hit in power seems too short, giving this desire to exceed the limits, to come out of its shell and to dance the night away at this failed marriage between Otis Redding and Janis Joplin.


French version :


“Lonely Tear de Bantunani, la tentation soul”


En ces temps temps incertains, le nouveau single de Bantunani hurle et murmure “Il faut encore aimer”


   Avec un lyrisme soul très émouvant, l’artiste renoue avec la beauté simple du chant d’amour. Cette émotion brute transparaît dans la musique:”Lonely Tear” remet la musique acoustique et live au cœur de la composition, dans un style très électro soul entre Stax et Motown tout en soignant une esthétique rétro aux portes du rock, de la pop et de la soul.Les guitares pleurent avec l’artiste dans un beat poignant.
“Lonely Tear” ou les larmes d’une âme qui, dans un huis clos intime, met la douleur à nue et déchire le cœur.  Des accents de sincérité inattendus et un grain de voix qui ressent toute la blessure de la plaie amoureuse, Bantunani nous livre une confession profonde et teintée de solitude. C’est un chanteur presque abandonné, “confiné” que nous montre le clip, réduit à recréer chez lui les feux de la scène grâce à un micro enluminé et une guitare inutile, mais le regard éperdu et le torse nu trahissent un moment d’égarement et de douleur.


      Même les choristes que l’on aperçoit semblent plus imaginées que réelles, métaphore de l’isolement de l’artiste dans le silence assourdissant auquel il est contraint. .
       Issu de la collaboration avec James Auwarter, ingénieur son aux trois Grammy Awards  de Kanye West, ce hit en puissance paraît trop court, donnant cette envie de dépasser les limites, de sortir de sa coquille et de danser toute la nuit à ce mariage manqué entre Otis Redding et Janis Joplin.


With nearly 85,000 sales, the album Perspectives meets a radio and playlist success which confirms the special status of Bantunani


Avec près de 85000 ventes, l’album Perspectives rencontre un succès radio et playlist qui confirme le statut spécial de Bantunani.


Get inside the groove through 6 videoclips :
Another Place : <<>>
Casablanca “Sunday can wait”:
Which Side are you on :https: //
Available on Muzicenter, Groover, Deuce Music and all the digital platforms :


Spotify album link :https: //


Perspectives in the news :



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Bantunani on TV5 :TV5MONDE Culture : Bantunani : perspectives d’un avenir meilleur –


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World Afrofunk tour : September 2021 – Mars 2022
En tournée Panafricaine : à partir de septembre 2021


Partners :
Godin Guitars, Korg, PSI AUDIO, KPM Logistic, LeMatin, SCPP, SACEM, DEUCE MUSIC




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Tracklist :
5.Aicha Kendisha, gnawa experience
6.Casablanca, sunday can wait
7.Kanakamfumu, le petit prince
9.The différence
13.Black Yakuza


Contacts :
Christine Dufrenois
Label Manager
tél : 00212678427328 / 0033664834221
Blackninja Publishing
Instagram : Bantunanimusic
Tiktok : BantunaniGroove


Promotion : Muzicast – PlaylisPush – TransGlobal World charts – Kings Of Spins – DJBuzz


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Another Place


Another place


Rising Song :


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Bantunani in the news:
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New 12th Studio album
Release date : November 15th, 2020
Label : Blackninja Publishing
Code EAN : 4061707320460a
Broadcast : worldwide – pressage : 35 000 unités
Recorded at Paris, Kinshasa and Casablanca.
Written, composed and produced by Michel Nzau
Singles – vidéos clips: 8 Octobre 2020
Disponible sur Muzicast, Spotify, Amazon,Deezer,Itunes
AnotherPlace, mother’s arms
Casablanca, sunday can wait
Somanyyears, history and injustice


Background: two years after the success of the album Moonkinjazz which was praised by critics and radio: Kiss FM, BBC Radio 1, Capital FM, and on MTV, VEVO – the singles Taxi Driver and GivePeace reached respectively 55 and 42nd place on the charts. A review on Euronews, TV5 Monde, LeMatin. Bantunani has become the cross-over artist, who touches both Africa and the West.
Perspectives,Itinerary of a philosopher music lover


In these gloomy times, Bantunani extirpates himself from his musical confinement with a new opus that plunges us into the search for lost time where each of the 15 tracks is like a thoughtful pause. In the shadow of the romances of the past, the dancing dandy sings and whispers a deep nostalgia balanced of a happy melancholy, attentive to the present, waiting for the future.


See through music, the groove of the senses


Of course, this journey through time is marked by the musical imprint of Bantunani, an energetic and dancing rhythm from the first notes, an afrofunky groove that takes you into disco swirls, under the maternal eye of the bass, omnipresent, which makes the heart vibrate and the body tremble. With this afrofunk turned electro soul and urban, Bantunani makes the synthesis of his time, styles are the shades of the palette that the artist exhausts in gradations and mixtures. This perspective then becomes a spiritual invitation that passes through the flight of the soul to touch matter, life.


Perspectives, a distant horizon
The title of this new album, Perspectives has many meanings.  In the literal sense first, the artist wanted to “look through”, not to say “see further”, that is, after having passed certain decisive stages.
From an aesthetic point of view, the album is a representation of depth, a landscape seen from a distance, the feeling of our space and sound.


Finally, at the same time that he scrutinizes the past, the album considers the future and opens up new perspectives. Each title speaks with its own identity, its own theme that it draws from the observation of the world or worlds under the prism of the groove trotter.Romanticism is no longer, the world decays and becomes dull in its excesses of violence and injustice. The artist questions our capacity for wonder, as in the title
 “AnotherPlace” which is a hymn to childhood and maternal affection. All the sadness of the exile emerges in this title through the malicious trumpet of a Kinois musician
“Casablanca, Sunday can wait”, Bantunani, following in the footsteps of Humphrey Bogart, sketches a strange macabre swing in a nocturnal solitude where death hides. We must therefore understand by ‘Sunday can wait’ that not only Sunday but also death can wait.


In search of absolute sound
The sound “Bantunani” is also prestigious collaborations with the best sound engineers, we find James Auwarter, famous for his collaboration with Kanye West and his 3 grammy awards. There is also his faithful mixer Sefi Carmen to whom we owe many hits of Bruno Mars. Last but not least, the legendary Philipe Larsen, known for his disco touch and mixes of Madonna and Michael Jackson.


Orphaned by Davout Studios, Bantunani is a nomadic home studio that travels the cities in search of new musicians. Between Kinshasa, Paris, London and Casablanca, Bantunani mixes the sounds around his Congolese roots but it is above all with his children that he works the most. These Mininanis, as they are called, come from the conservatory and went through the scenes with their father.


Some dates: the Perspectives tour is announced for March 2021: Kinshasa, Paris, Fès, Madrid, Casablanca, Brussels –


Partners : GodinsGuitars, PsiAudio,Acer,KPMLogistic,Scpp, GlobalNetwork Solution, Sacem, BeOneTV, RTNC,Télé50, Le Matin, Radison Blue Hotel Marrakech

Bantunani to the JT of 2M TV. The Bantunani phenomenon is confirmed. The artist succeeds in the challenge of being on the front page of the Moroccan press and flies into the charts with his title “Rising Song”, a singing hymn for peace that resonates on the airwaves, from London to Paris, from Berlin to Casablanca. #culturemusique #afropolitain #RisingSong #afrofunk #Bantunani #Maroc #RDC #rumba #worldmusic #gnawa #chefchaouen #royalairmaroc Bantunani au JT de 2M TV. Le phénomène Bantunani se confirme. L’artiste réussit le challenge d’être à la une des presses marocaines et s’envole dans les charts avec son titre “Rising Song”, un hymne dansant pour la paix qui résonne sur les ondes, de Londres à Paris, de Berlin à Casablanca. #culturemusique #afropolitain #RisingSong #afrofunk #Bantunani #Maroc #RDC #rumba #worldmusic #gnawa #chefchaouen #royalairmaroc


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