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Mic Gillette nous a quittés RIP

Mic Gillette Mic Gillette was an American brass player born May 7, 1951 and raised in northern California‘s East Bay area. He was famous for being a member of Tower of Power, Cold Blood,...


Peter Huttlinger nous a quittés RIP

Peter Huttlinger Master Guitarist Peter Huttlinger passes at 54.…/master-guitarist-pet…/78796926/… Master guitarist Pete Huttlinger dies at 54 Guitar virtuoso Pete Huttlinger, who country star Vince Gill once described as “wickedly gifted,” died Friday. WWW.TENNESSEAN.COM...


DAVID BOWIE Photo Jean Paul  ” Guerrier ” Bellanger à Roissy                                   Je l’avais fait sur la scène...

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