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Throwback to the release of my 2001 album, “Someday”. Check it out on streaming services and stores online! #givethedrummersome #drumstress #shesgotitgoinon #wecametoplay #everybodysdancin #Santana

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So what exactly is on my latest album? “Pop, funk, rock, jazz – I embrace the creativity in all of it, and I feel so inspired when I play it. That’s what I wanted people to feel when they listen to the album – inspired.” #givethedrummersome #drumstress #shesgotitgoinon #wecametoplay #everybodysdancin #Santana

new album


#tbt to when Carlos Santana and I visited San Leandro High School to jam with the high school jazz ensemble July of 2015. #givethedrummersome #drumstress #shesgotitgoinon #wecametoplay #everybodysdancin #Santana

Cindy Blackman Santana

Carlos Santana

Join me along with more than 200 musicians from all over the world for #PeaceThroughMusic, a global virtual fundraising event, December 1st exclusively streaming on Facebook Live. Let’s drum, sing, and dance for social justice!


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