Roger Aldridge 7 juillet 16:03
Reminder about my collaboration project through Talenthouse.To participate in the project musicians and ensembles listen to a selection of my original music on my Reverbnation profile, find a piece that you especially like, contact me for a copy of the music, and submit a recording of it expressing your vision of the piece to Talenthouse between now and August 20.

Voting for the submissions takes place August 21-28. Afterwards, I will make my selection of the musicians, taking into account the people’s choice, and the winner(s) will be announced by Talenthouse on September 18.

I will collaborate with the winner(s) in a recording of one of my new compositions. Among these unperformed originals are tunes in various styles and a series of 6-horn jazz ensemble scores. The scores use flexible instrumentation to enable them to be performed by many configurations of instruments (acoustic or electronic).

Collaborate with composer Roger Aldridge
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