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Available in Europe now! (on Escape Music Ltd) Ousey Mann – “Is Anybody Listening”. 2 years after beginning the project I am so happy to see this great collaboration with awesome singer Chris Ousey finally come to the market. 13 tracks (no fillers!) add up to over 1 hour of great rock and roll. Yes, you can probably guess I am very happy with this album! 🙂
The release in Japan is next Wednesday, 29th June on RUBICON music, and features a bonus track.
Available to stream from this Monday 27th June
Just 5 weeks to go till the European release on Escape Music of my project with the phemomenal UK singer Chris Ousey “Is Anybody Listening”. Japan release date to be announced. I am so excited by this release – I feel it’s some of the best work I’ve done to date. Make a note of the release date, 24th June!

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